The next time the feeling of anxiety crosses your path ask your WHY!  And try the exercised below.


Learning from Anxiety

Sit down, take some deep breaths. What is the anxiety trying to teach me? What does it want me to learn, change or do? Ask yourself. What changed that now I am feeling anxious?  Or ask why you went from a calm state of mind to an anxious one? What is expected of me? Often anxiety appears for a specific reason. If you want write it down.

When I feel anxiety: – Monitor Your Mood

Pay attention to your mood, your emotional state, your level of happiness and your general dispositions. Then ask yourself, “Why?”. Ash yourself “Why?” at least five times. By the fifth time you should get to a personal reason why. If you don’t, keep asking.

Make a list of your triggers

What things set off your anxiety.

  1. Driving in traffic’
  2. When my boss walks into the office

Taking stock of your conversation. What self-talk are you repeating to yourself?

Are you being kind or kind of a bitch? What am I telling myself? What is the everyday conversation are you having with yourself? Check in with yourself several times a day, set a reminder and ask yourself. “How I am speaking to myself now?” Are you being a bully, do you insult yourself? I am so fat or that would never look good on me.  I am such a fool. Write it down. A good way to silence the inner mean girl is to tell her to be quiet or to see your inner critic as a character with a silly voice. Start by taking it less seriously.

Another nice tool is to put all your self-talk through a friend filter:  Ask yourself if you would tell that to your best friend? Then why tell yourself? Write down a different script to repeat to yourself. How can you change your inner self critic to be kinder?

References and must reads: –

  • Chloe Brotheridge from The Anxiety solutions
  • Overcoming Anxiety, Worry and Fear by Gregory L. Jantz, PHD with Anna Mcmurray


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