Different Life Coaches specialise in different areas. I specialize in Personal Development Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Career Coaching, Study Coaching and Anxiety Coaching. I am based in Cape Town but offer online coaching. So, you can be sitting in the comfort of your very own home/ office and benefit from my coaching.

But let me first answer the question of

“What is a life coach?”

Think of Life Coaching in the same manner as a Sports Coach. A Tennis Coach, for example, teaches you new moves and assists you to improve your skills so you can become the best possible player. They encourage you to focus and will hold you accountable. They improve your game.

A Life Coach is similar: they focuses on you and on what you want to achieve by helping you set meaningful goals, teaching you new concepts. They will encourages and motivates change and assists you to release your true potential – making you the best at what you can be. A Life Coach assists you in improving your Life game. A Life Coach tackles specific life areas and puts in place steps to assist with each unique situation. A Life Coach helps you to redesign your life, assisting you from point A to point B depending on where you want to go or who you want to become. Working with a Life Coach will help you discover your strengths and weaknesses.

Life sends one challenges and often there are obstacles that you need to work through. A Life Coach gives you the tools to help you understand your personalities: in this way enabling you realize your true potential by making positive and lasting changes. A Life Coach will challenge you to think outside your life’s box.

Finding the right coach is essential for long lasting growth. Our Life Coaching in Cape Town helps you to redesign your life and put you on the path to finding your life’s purpose.

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