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Breakup coaching

Break-up can be equivalent to a death

[image src=””width=”” height=”” align=”” border=”0″ margin_top=”” margin_bottom=”” link=”print=pdf” link_image=”” target=”” alt=”” caption=”” greyscale=”0″ animate=””] I don’t believe break-ups are given the sympathy they deserve.  A break-up can be equivalent to a death.  It’s a strange thought, right?  If you have ever broken up with that person you thought would be the one, it feels like …

Anerene Rossouw Life Coach

Communication is an art!

Communication is an art! For some time now, I have been looking for the best communication process.  It’s been interesting to research because so many people have totally different ideas. Through all this reading, there are only a few things that STAND out and I would like to share these with you. The importance of …