De-stress with Creativity

What is Creativity?

Creativity is the ability to bring something new into being.  It’s the ability to create something physical using your imagination.

Why is being Creative for Fun Important?

Let’s start by explaining what happens when you are ‘’being’’ creative.  When you are sitting with something that you want to transform into being – whether it’s scrap-booking, writing, dancing, music, art etc. – the following can happen:

  • You give yourself a sense of purpose.
  • Being creative can clear your mind (imagine not having a racing mind!).
  • Being creative allows you to focus on one specific outcome.
  • It allows you to put all your other worries and stresses aside and it allows you to focus on the end result.
  • There has even been a study suggestion that by being creative you will have a longer life span.
  • It trains your brain to problem solve. This will help you in all aspects of your life.  Its like an obstacle course for the brain.  The problems you solve during the creative process will help your brain solve other problems.
  • It teaches you to be more accepting because sometimes your art is not quite the way you imagined.
  • It gives you a sense of self-worth. Think about it, if your creative expression is good, it will build your confidence.
  • It gives you new ways of expressing yourself; being creative will allow you to express your inner thoughts and feelings.
  • It can be fun and exciting

Two Things to Remember when you are being Creative:

  1. The end product is not as important as actually doing it. When you look at your end result and it’s not quite what you wanted, ask yourself, “Did I have fun?  Did I stop worrying about everything else?  Was I excited about doing it?”  If you have answered yes to those questions then your product is perfect!  The point of being creative is not all about the end result but more about the journey of making it.
  2. There are two types of people: very creative and not so creative. If you are not so creative don’t let that worry you.  You can still be and get creative.  Remember point number 1: it’s about the doing.