Self-Resilience -18 March 2022 Workshop


Finding your own strength

Zoom Group workshop



Self-Resilience will help you to

Recognising what your emotions and body is telling you,

Understanding your patterns

Accepting and letting go of the resistance

Managing Bringing in self-resilience.

Self-resilience gives you a healthy, practical approach that helps you understand your actions, help you deal with all situations and allows you to challenge yourself and set focus.

In discover your resilience we look into

  • Recognizing your emotions have shifted
  • How to handle emotional shifts,
  • Understanding your story and determine if it needs to change
  • Finding and accepting resistance
  • An understanding to our 1st emotional reaction
  • Implementing empath and self-compassion
  • This will arms you to become independent, self-resilient and being able to enjoy life again. Implementing the skills learned and the skills needed in your business or personal life to create growth and chance


Workshop is on 18 March 2022 at 8:30am