Systemic Healing & Family Constellations


Systemic healing and Family Constellations

Join me for a Family constellation or systemic work online

3 December 2022 between 9am till 13:00pm

4 March 2023  between 9am till 15:00pm

20 May 2023 between 9am till 15:00pm

21 Oct 2023 Between 9am till 15:00pm


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Systemic Constellation:

 Is a therapeutic method that finds hidden elements that want or need to be seen in all relationship types.

Explaining to someone who has never heard or seen systemic healing and family constellations is difficult. The best way
for me to explain it is to relate it to coaching. With coaching we deal with the conscious mind. We deal with what he/she know, what he/she is thinking and feeling.
We find patterns, belief systems and behaviours. Then we discuss practical solutions to avoid or improve the
pattern, belief or behaviour. We plan and navigate the best outcome for the obstacle ahead.
With Systemic Healing and Family Constellations we are able to work with the subconscious. We work with the
‘brokenness’ that is in his/her systems, then we create alignment within the system that creates wholeness.

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20 May 2023 Saturday, 21 Oct 2023 Saturday, 4 March 2023 Saturday