About me

Life coach cape town

I am a certified Life Coach that specialises in Personal Development, Relationship, Career, Study, Coping when my partner is away and Anxiety Coaching. My sessions can be online or face to face in Cape Town.

I have found online coaching to be very effective and popular, you can be in the comfort of your own home/ office and benefit from my coaching.

I love having good conversations, meeting new people, and debating. I love to learn new things and I get excited when I figure something out. I try and find the fun things in life. I enjoy a challenge and am happiest when I am busy; getting the job done is very rewarding. I am a natural communicator and enjoy connecting with all types of people.

I have a BCom in Informatics and enjoyed working in the corporate world before becoming a life coach. In the corporate world, I worked as an Applications Consultant, My responsibilities include going to clients to discuss best practices and advising them on which changes would benefit them. I moved up the ladder and become responsible for the Call Centre.

Completing the New Insights Life Coach Training course made me a better consultant and team leader. It inspired me to assist others with life’s challenges. I have always been searching, trying to find my life’s purpose, dreams, and desires. There must be more to life than daily living and let’s face it, life is not easy. Life Coaching has shown me that life is all about the journey. If you are on the right path, then the journey is exciting, fulfilling, and worth taking. I have learnt that all we need in order to achieve our personal aims in life is to set our focus and stay determined. I specialise in Growth and development.

“Everyone needs a coach” Bill Gates & Eric Schmidt