Coaching with me

Anerene Rossouw Life Coach Cape Town Online

What I can do for you:

By truly understanding your-self. accepting your weakness and being open to new possibilities arms you to become independent, self-resilient and being able to enjoy life again.

Implementing the skills learned and the skills needed in your business or personal life to create growth and chance.

I am all about finding your power and creating a platform for growth by breaking down your life patterns and having practical solutions to take action. By putting you back in control and helping renew your sense of self

Whether you are going through a life altering change or just needing some focus and direction, I starts by creating a clear vision of what needs to be achieved by thinking, focusing, and planning the next move towards understanding the path ahead.

Creating focus, having a platform for growth and being self-resilience is what I can offer you during our session. Its about creating a plan, learning about who you, taking action and getting understanding your emotions

Create Focus with Project plan your life

We live our life just moving with the flow of life. If you stop and think about it successful people do not just wait for life to happen they have a plan, they understand where they come from and can envision a successful future.

Here we plan, we create a clear path of what needs to happened. We create action in the areas most needing change.

We add focus where its needed.

Platform for growth – Personal development

By putting focus in specific areas in your life, by learning the skills, techniques and having awareness of self will help you improve your understanding of your personal self, giving you confidence and a better self-awareness and self-esteem. We discover why you do things and why you do them in a certain way. We discuss a range of topics that are designed to encourage growth. We set the focus on your life.

This is a journey like no other because the focus is to develop who you are. Its to understand yourself better. By investing in yourself you set yourself up for success.


Self-Resilience will help you to

Recognising what your emotions and body is telling you,

Understanding your patterns

Accepting and letting go of the resistance

Managing Bringing in self-resilience.

Self-resilience gives you a healthy, practical approach that helps you understand your actions, help you deal with situations and allows you to challenge yourself and set focus.

How Does It Work?

You embark on a personal development journey which may be completed individually, as a couple, or as a group this can be done face to face or online on any of the secure online platforms

I find that online coaching is becoming increasingly popular. It removes all travel time and the stresses of driving. I find that my clients are more relaxed in the comfort of their own homes or offices.

My coaching technique alternates between ”free from” coaching and a development programs designed for growth.

* With ”free form” you decide on the topics and we highlight your options.

* The development program creates growth in your life. Here we follow a set syllabus, that has been designed to stimulate a deeper understanding of oneself and create a platform for growth. During our first session we discuss the best technique for you.

You can expect my total support and honesty. I will listen and only advise.

I offer you a supportive, caring, and inspirational environment, you will be exposed to techniques to uncover and then eliminate unhelpful behaviour and thought patterns in your life. We highlight and celebrate achievement and plan for the future. Setting focus on your life is the key.

My goal is to empower you to make the changes in your life that will see you achieve. By discussing all possible options for the road ahead.

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I believe in people and in their ability to change