Systemic Healing and Family constellations

Systemic healing and Family constellations

What is Systemic healing and family constellations?

Explaining to someone who has never heard or seen systemic healing and family constellations is difficult. The best way for me to explain it is to relate it to coaching.

With coaching we deal with the concourse mind. We deal with what he/she know, what he/she is thinking and feeling. We find patterns, belief systems and behaviours. Then we discuss practical solutions to avoid or improve the pattern, belief or behaviour. We plan and navigate the best outcome for the obstacle ahead.

With Systemic Healing and Family Constellations we are able to work with the subconscious. We work with the ‘brokenness’ that is in his/her systems, then we create alignment within the system that creates wholeness.

I answer a few questions here that I think are on your mind.

What do you mean my system?

We belong to many systems. Examples are Family, Work, religion, community, friendship and/or relationship with your pets. From the moment we are born we are involved with systems. A system is anything we are linked with.

Does that mean I can work in any system?

Yes, as long as it’s a system you belong to. Healing can only happen to you. You cannot request healing for someone else, even if they are in the same system. The healing is for you.

What’s the difference between Systemic Healing and Family Constellations?

Family constellation is looking at your family system only. It looks at your family line. Where Systemic healing is all other systems.

What do I need to bring with me?

  • The most important would be an open mind. I have often had a constellation and felt totally confused. Only at the end or weeks later did I feel the healing. Remember that it’s the subconscious that needs the healing the conscious sometimes doesn’t need to understand.
  • You would also need to bring what you want to work with or heal.

How do I know what to work with?

Anything that you feel is broken and that needs alignment. We can work within anyone of the systems you belong to. It could be your body system or family system or business system.

Examples: I don’t feel I have balance in my life?

I just cannot focus and complete my work?

I keep getting sick?

My sister and I keep bumping heads.

We had a trauma in the family?

We cannot fill this position at work. People just keep leaving.

What exactly do you do?

From the facilitator point we will offer a safe place for you to allow the emotion and guide the movement but most of the actual work comes from you. Family constellations or systemic healing asks the question of ‘’What is happening to you and to your body at a point”. In order to allow the subconscious to heal we need to connect to it. We can do this with stones or papers or miniature dolls. Family constellations are often done with dolls. I know it sounds so airy fairy but remember we need to find ways to connect with the subconscious by using a physical object to represent the elements helps to connect and starts the healing.

What’s the difference between having a constellation done in a private session or in a workshop?

When a constellation is done within a workshop other that attend the constellation can represent an element of the constellation. Sometimes that is wonderful because they don’t know the whole story, they only know what’s happening to them at the point when the question is asked.

During a private session you will represent all elements of your constellation. This is very powerful because you feel the shift from each element.

Why do I want to introduce systemic healing into my coaching?

The reason I am studying Systemic healing and family constellations is because I felt healing the subconscious was something needed and that I was lacking in my tool kit.  I have personally received the most amazing healing from constellations.

What now?

If you are still not convinced, please do some research of your own. Just google it 😊 Family constellations has been around for years and has many different arguments.

If you keen, I am currently offering as part of my training Free systemic constellation. Message me to schedule. 

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