Project Plan you life PPYL


Knowing what your dreams are




Project plan your life is all about taking full responsibility for:

  • –     The things you want in life
  • –     Where you currently are

I designed this course based on the fact that we are all different, that we achieve in different ways, and that most people fail when it comes to setting a goal and actually achieving what they want in life.

We often just find ourselves in a situation and wonder how we got there.

This course has a number of different options that you can choose on how to set a goal. I have combined all my research and findings into different options (I am not going to specify the number of options because the more I research and learn the more I will add to this course).

In each option there is a series of videos and editable PDF exercises to help you move through the process of planning your life.

What you can expect when purchasing this course:

Each section has a video and worksheet. The content and worksheets have been carefully designed to assist you with practical exercises. The worksheets are editable online so you will not have to print them.

You have access to this course for 6 months.

All sections have practical exercises to assist you and help you apply them to your life.

During this course you will learn:

  •  –   The best and easiest way to set Goals
  •  –   Tools on how to apply principles and rules
  •  –   Clear examples
  •  –   Practical examples and explanations

People who should join this course:

  •  –   Anyone who wants to improve their life
  •  –   Anyone who wants to focus and start taking action
  •  –   Anyone who wants to set a goal
  •  –   Anyone who has set goals but never achieved them

Who should not join the course:

  •   –    People who are not willing to work on themselves
  •   –    People who don’t want to take responsibility for their lives