Awareness Solution for Anxiety Workshop



Choose between Wednesday 13 November or Saturday 16 November 2019

Time and Duration

9h00am (GMT+2);      2 hours

What this workshop will offer you?

This workshop will offer your a range of tools and practical steps to assist with Anxiety.
– Alternative and Homeopathic Remedies. By Co-host Dr Candice N Barnard Homeopath
– Learn about the brain and how anxiety is ‘normal’
– Understanding anxiety and understand Your anxiety
– Get practical steps that teach you how to handle your anxiety.
– How Anxiety effects your confidence and Self Esteem.
– Steps on how to make decisions


How will you benefit

After this course you will:

Know what to do the next time you feeling anxious.

Have the tool to discover why you are feel anxiety.

Have practical tools to apply to your day to day life.

You will have knowledge of alternative medicine to assist with your anxiety

Who should attend

If you are think you are struggling with Anxiety and feel its creeping into your normal days routines.

The Co-host for this event is:

Dr Candice N Barnard registered Homeopathic practitioner



What you will need.

Internet Connection.


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13 November 2019, 16 November 2019