Project Plan your Life with Goal setting

Welcome Video
This video explains what the next step is.

Option 1:

This video is a really simple way to get a goal going. It was taught to me by Brian Tracy

Option 2: Goal setting process in 5 Steps

Option 2 is broken into sections.

  • The goal setting process
  • The goal setting principles
  • Rules for goal setting
  • Working through the worksheet.

This option is a detailed version on how to set a goal.

Option 2: Goal setting principle

Option 2: Rules on Goal Setting

Option 2: Lets work through the workshop together

Option 3: Discovery Goal.

Are you not sure what you want? This may help.

Option 4: Primary Goal setting

This goal setting option is all about finding the primary goal and working this it

Finding your future goal meditation

Seeing your goal in the future meditation

Option 5: Example of a project plan for you use