How to connect or re-connect with your partner?

Online Course R 570.00

I created this course because so many of my client have expressed the need to reconnect with their partners but they just not sure how.

This online course is split in 6 episodes with tips, techniques and practical steps to help you become more connected.

During this course you will learn:

How to start a conversation with your partner

Understand the communication process

Learn tool and techniques on how to have effective and meaningful conversations with your partner

Have the chance to deal with your stuff

Understand what you need to do if you the one hurting and if you have created the hurt

Create a meaningful goal together.

Sex with your mind, body and soul

How to make sure you never cheat on each other.

Each episode has its own set of notes that has practical exercises to help implement into daily lives

If you still not sure if this is the course for you watch this video. Click here