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Corporate coaching


This coaching is for business owners and their team of employees. This process creates an environment that encourages the big picture where the goals of the company will be determined and shared with your team.

Each member of your team will have a clearer understanding of the company’s goals and vision allowing them to take more responsibility in line with the bigger picture.

What this coaching will offer the owner

  • Determine a clear company goal set out in measurable steps

  • A chance to plan a measurable role each employee needs to fulfill

  • Learning how to get your team do what is needed of them

  • Learning the ability to think, focus, plan and take action

  • Getting people to work together as a team

What this coaching will do for your team

  • Get an understanding of the company goals and take responsibility for their own goal within the company. Align their personal goals with the company goals.

  • They will be taught skills to handle demanding clients and uncooperative coworkers

  • They will be taught prioritizing skills, management of time and the ability to work as a team

  • Define their role in taking the company to the next level

How will you benefit

The owner of the company will have a clear vision as to what needs to be achieved within the company. They will have a plan in place to determine the next step.

The employees will have learnt the skills needed to align their goals and responsibilities with that of the companies

Who should attend

Business owners that want to improve their company and employee performance.


R630.00 for 90min

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    Life Coach

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